A truly inspiring and thrilling evening… It was an amazing achievement. Every set was remarkable both for the standard of musicianship and for the fascinating nature of the music. Yet despite the extraordinary range of genres and styles, the whole thing gelled beautifully. I don’t know how you did it. I really believe you’re onto something here. A group of us have been struggling to conceive of an event with the potential to pull people together across the great divides in Britain, but I think you’ve just answered the question.
– George Monbiot
I am a bit overwhelmed. That was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. What an astonishing thing you have created. A concert covering all genres and all ages… hip hop, opera, folk, Bangla… bringing together people through music. The power of loneliness and disconnect outweighed by connection, humanity, communication and ultimately, love. Music is the universal language that binds us all together. So many highlights… the massed choir of 400 children, refugees, everyone and anyone had me wiping a tear from my eye. Every performance, every moment was perfect. And the Union Chapel is by FAR my favourite London venue. The most uplifting and life-enhancing finale I’ve ever witnessed. What an incredible way to spend a Friday evening.
– Chief Executive, Mayor’s Music Fund
Remarkable, multiple-genre concert at Union Chapel this evening, The UC is full of musical memories: Steve Reich, Carthy, Swarbrick, Nyman, Salif Keita, Jocelyn Pook, Charlie Gillett, Ojos de Brujo & many more. And now this!
– John L Walters
Music symbolises a coming together – it unites musicians with audiences, as well as with each other. It prizes collaboration and harmony, and exemplifies our common humanity. Nowhere better than in the Union Chapel in London, one evening last week, at an event designed specifically as a response to recent events in the UK, the US, and around the world… something special happened. Their voices and their hearts seemed to come together in a true celebration of humanity, a demonstration of the power of music to connect people across borders and across genres.
– Robin Lustig

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