Common and Kind was created as a true grassroots movement. People have come together across the UK and worldwide to share a passionate belief in the power and impact of our work to inspire, challenge prejudice, encourage collaboration and enhance social cohesion. Volunteers work throughout the year, running workshops, planning and delivering concerts, working with schools, adults, refugee and asylum seeker groups, developing our organisation, creating online content and much, much more. Solo artists contribute their talent at concerts to inspire us all, to share with and learn from one another with the extraordinary choir, itself at the very heart of C&K.

Belief, passion, and the spirit of collaboration make this all happen. 2016, 2017, 2018 and Human Kind all came together because YOU made them a reality with crowdfunding support. All who have contributed financially to cover costs of venue hire, refugee and asylum seekers expenses, technical overheads, audio and video production and all the various other costs incurred (cucumber sandwiches! Raph literally chopped cucumbers all morning in 2018…) – you have made this happen. As a recognition of what we have created together, we were honoured to receive our first grant from Arts Council England to assist with the costs of Common and Kind 2019, which helped cover overheads for that year’s work. In the current climate, we can never rely on such support, so all individual donations are hugely important in enabling us to continue our work. Thank you.


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