Our Workshops

Workshops are at the heart of Common and Kind.

To build on the impact of the founding massed choir of 400 people in 2016, In 2017, we launched our first partnership workshop programme, bringing together fourteen choirs with refugee and asylum seeker groups from across London. This programme expanded to include schools in 2018, bringing together schools from Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney and Enfield, and created more partnerships between adult choirs and refugee groups. This expanded further in 2019 with schools from Brent, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Haringey.

In our schools partnership workshops, school groups from different walks of life, different educational sectors and different faiths meet, in inspiring educational workshops to explore how language can be used to divide or unite, in music just as in wider society. Our energising workshops not only provide access to first class musical and vocal training, but also challenge the participants to think critically about the language we use, delving deeply into the cultural and social conditioning which perpetuates ingrained prejudices.

In adult workshops, we bring together adults from a huge range of backgrounds, some with a lot of singing experience, others with none at all, and everything in between. Adult participants come initially alone, or from choirs, or from our partner refugee and asylum seeker centres, and together create a uniquely powerful family of voices. At the end of the workshop period, adults and children combine and all sing together in a massed choir, typically of four hundred people, performing live with world class solo artists.

‘Common and Kind has brought thousands of people the amazing experience of engaging with vastly varied repertoire through cultural exposure.  The singers have been involved in staging performances with internationally renowned artists in truly diverse genres. Singing with opera superstars and Bengali icons whilst jamming out to leading hip-hop stars backed by global funk legends and feeling the power of a full blown classical orchestra are among the perks of getting involved. By signing up to be part of our workshops singers are supported by passionate and highly skilled vocal leaders with the vision to empower everyone involved to reach these exceptional musical goals.  We also develop the group’s skills and train in habits that protect vocal health between the sessions; and especially in this isolated time, protect our mental health through uplifting connection.

Through energising each other we are excited to inspire more people to support the worst crisis zones.  Harnessing our massed energy we SHOW that we have more in common and can speak with a louder voice; and we can use this voice to wake the rest of the world up.  Laughter and passion go hand in hand during our sessions.’
– Naveen Arles, Choir Leader

Participate in Common and Kind 2020 Workshops

While we cannot be together in the way that we love to be for our adult and schools partnership workshops, our workshop programme continues online in 2020 for all adult participants, including refugee and asylum seeker friends. If you would like to join us for regular sessions, including coaching on Mo Li Hua, singing more songs, energising warm-ups, vocal coaching, language coaching, preparations for our 2020 UK concert and more, send an email to choir@commonandkind.com

Participation in C & K workshops gives you access to

  • Collaborative and energising workshops led by a first class team of vocal leaders and award-winning musical directors
  • Tailored vocal coaching, vocal health strategy and helpful singing tips
  • A wealth of supporting materials, both printed and audio, so you can learn songs off by heart
  • Guest participation as a valued C&K singer at all our public concerts – presented and professionally recorded on the London stage
  • Special invitation to add your voice to all of our recordings of international singles to help us raise funds for those most in need around the world
  • Behind the scenes insight into the musical development of each recorded single plus sneak peek info on upcoming workshops, events and other shows
  • An immense sense of unity and belonging to a community of hundreds of like-minded singers, from all over the world, united in song and purpose
  • Being part of the change – help C&K be a positive influencing force that inspires change in the world through connection, collaboration, and music.