Human Kind

To channel the offerings of thousands across the world, Michael wrote the single Human Kind. Featuring the words of John Donne (‘No man’s an island’) and Jo Cox (‘more in common’), the song was conceived to be adaptable for all musical genres. It was designed so that it could be recorded anywhere in the world, bringing people together from all communities, cultures and nations.

The base ingredient was recorded at the end of the first Union Chapel concert on Tuesday 2nd August 2016. Since that concert, choirs and soloists from across the world sent in their own recordings. They include Pihcintu, a choir combining refugee girls from Cambodia, China, Congo, El Salvador, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Vietnam, West Indies, and Zambia and groups from Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Scotland, India, Malaysia, the UK and USA.

All proceeds of online sales are donated to Musicians without Borders, Music Action International & Amnesty International.

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